Do You Really Want to Buy a New iPod Touch, or Should You Buy Microsoft Zune?

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Let's face it; not everyone is all that quick to spend $300 on a new iPod. There are other, better brands than Apple when it comes to making portable media players with sleek interfaces and great sound quality. If you are a die-hard Apple lover and still want to buy Apple iPods, that's one thing, but if you're open-minded and looking for something that not only lasts longer but has better overall features, you might want to buy Microsoft Zune or Zune HD instead.

1. Zune HD has better battery life: That's right. You're not the only one who never got the full 30-36 hours of battery in your Apple iTouch. I'm doing good to get 4-6 hours of playback time before recharging, and that's just listening to music, not playing movies. But with the Microsoft Zune HD, the battery itself not only lasts longer, but the battery charge stays true for a longer period of movie or music playback time than the Apple does.

2. Zune HD has better navigation: Eventually you'll get sick of trying to find your music and movies via the cutesy icons iPod Touch gives you as locations for your stuff. The Microsoft Zune HD has more intuitive navigation, with real labels and descriptions instead of various labels for different types of the same kind of media.

3. Zune HD gets Zunepass instead of iTunes: I get really tired of wasting my time working with iTunes, especially on a Windows PC as opposed to a Mac. But not only does the Zune not need iTunes, you can get a music subscription to Zunepass, which, for $14.99 per month gets you 10 free MP3s and unlimited music, unlike iTunes' stingy radio station and pay-per-song options.

Need some more time to think about it? Well, don't take too long. If you want to buy Microsoft Zune HD or any of its cousins, they will likely go out of stock when Christmas shopping season rolls around. You can check out more about the advantages of owning a Zune HD here at

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